[NetSec] Beware of the “D” State

When you issue the top command on a Fortigate firewall, you see the states of the processes along with the other information such as CPU and memory usage. Here is an example: Run Time: 356 days, 7 hours and 13 minutes 13U, 0N, 22S, 65I; 15972T, 7794F, 1013KF ipsengine 12441 S < 27.4 1.0 ipsengine… Continue reading [NetSec] Beware of the “D” State


[NetSec] Fortinet: Displaying Detailed Interface Stats

So how do you display information about an interface? Simply enter, "diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic <interface>", right? Well, that's true. But the output that command will provide is limited. So limited that you can not even see the errors on the interface. There is this very useful command that the Fortinet Support does not like… Continue reading [NetSec] Fortinet: Displaying Detailed Interface Stats