[NetSec] Beware of the “D” State

When you issue the top command on a Fortigate firewall, you see the states of the processes along with the other information such as CPU and memory usage. Here is an example: Run Time: 356 days, 7 hours and 13 minutes 13U, 0N, 22S, 65I; 15972T, 7794F, 1013KF ipsengine 12441 S < 27.4 1.0 ipsengine… Continue reading [NetSec] Beware of the “D” State


[Linux] Google Calendar On The Command-Line

Gcalcli is a perfect solution for having a calendar on the command line. On Arch, you can just simply install it via AUR, and it starts working out of the box. There are three modes that I use very frequently: gcalcli agenda -- Shows your five day agenda starting from today. gcalcli calw -- Shows… Continue reading [Linux] Google Calendar On The Command-Line

[Linux] How To Use Zip On The Command Line

Although using zip is not a desired way of compressing files on Linux, for the sake of the compatibility, I still need it. Here are some examples I use frequently; This compresses file1, file2 and file3 into zipfile: zip zipfile file1 file2 file3 This one compresses everything in the current directory into zipfile but not… Continue reading [Linux] How To Use Zip On The Command Line