[Retro] WiModem232 For The Amiga

Another glorious day for my beloved Amiga. Jim Drew is testing his new Amiga device called WiModem232, and it is a wireless modem for all Amigas via RS-232.

As it is known, Amiga’s serial port is fairly slow for today’s standards, but fortunately, there are some serial device driver replacements which provide up to 115.2Kbps speed and it is enough to have a useful Internet connection.

It also has 3MB onboard storage, where I can hold some files. He is also writing a device driver which allows us to mount it as a drive.


His next project is SD card storage solution over the parallel port. Both of these devices are excellent solutions for older Amiga models like Amiga500/Amiga1000 (but not limited to them).

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